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The Painter

I finally got the 28pc makeup brush set I bought from Suesh yesterday. It costs quite a lot but I'm glad I got it. Nothing beats having the right tools to make a masterpiece. I will have to live with just eating Skyflakes for a few more days though. Lol You know how impulsive I can be. I couldn't resist the 20% discount they have for Christmas so I grabbed that opportunity to finally get me a set. :P I have spent this weekend rummaging through my mom's and my makeup arsenal and have locked myself in my room putting on rouge. I've had a few victims aside from myself with this new addiction. So far, I have painted a cousin, a niece, and four teammate's faces for an event. I wouldn't post their picture yet though. I promise I will..one day..when I get better at this craft. Yay! It's been a long time since I last painted...on paper. Now, I have a new canvas. Hopefully I'd be able to master this. It's a good thing that there are lots of online resources about make-up. Xteeener's youtube channel has been really helpful. Check it out for yourself :)

A friend asked me what do I really want to do? Be a photographer? A make-up artist? A model? Errr cross that last one out! Hahaha and I said.. "Why should I limit myself to one thing?" I like to explore. That way I wouldn't have regrets and I know that I've tried to pursue things that interest me.

Wish me luck on this new gastos hobby!