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Changing the world one pencil at a time

Over the weekend

I will be going up in the Cordillera mountains

with some of my photography hobbyist friends

on a


But more than just taking photos, we will be going there with a purpose.

We will be there to help distribute pencils and other school stuff for the


It’s a small project that aims to reach out to poor children in far-flung baranggays.

Why black pencils?

Black pencils are being used by kindergarten up to Grade 3 pupils because of their size and grip.

The project is targeting pupils under this level.

"These ages are the segment where they're most excited to go to school and yet very vulnerable…

it’s hard to address everything and we (as individuals) can only give so much.

I am sure some organizations are already

doing that (giving books, bags, slippers) and we want to focus

to areas where we think we are most effective,"

the project’s blog said. READ MORE

Share the joy of gift giving this Christmas Season. Email or approach me if you want to help J


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