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The Defining Moment


I resigned from work last November 2007 and studied Nursing for a semester (ok, don't ask me why! That's gonna be a long story. Hehe). One day while doing a group project, I ran and turned around hastily when I remembered something I left outside. I then felt an excruciating pain in my lower back and was unable to move or walk without me screaming in agony. I thought the pain will go away but it did not. I was still unable to walk, move and bend by the next day so I decided to see a doctor to know what's going on. They had my back x-rayed. The doctor explained to me the results. He said the pain was only caused by muscle spasms and a good heat massage and a couple of muscle relaxers in the next few days should help me. I was glad I didn't slip a disc! Then he said that although I'm okay, the space in front and on the back of my 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae are not equal. The back has less space between the bones. He said that this could be caused by undue pressure on my back and that I should try to lose some weight and avoid sit-ups and lifting heavy objects for some time.

What he told me finally made me realize that I REALLY need to lose weight and it firmed up my resolve to do it seriously and religiously this time around.

I first set out a goal for myself. I weighed 128lbs that time and I wanted to be at 100lbs. Now, this is not a random number I picked up. I based it on what is going to be healthy and normal for my height as what this site suggests. I also wanted to be realistic with my goal and that I want to be on that weight in 3 months.

I started a weight journal and this is what my original measurements are:

Weight: 128lbs
Bust: 38in
Hips: 37in
Arms: 13.5in

Weight: 120lbs
Bust: 38in
Hips: 36in
Arms: 12in

May 2008
Weight: 104lbs

You can only imagine my delight that I'm seeing results! I was glad I wrote down my numbers otherwise I really wouldn't have any idea whether Im losing or not. This motivated me more to continue pursuing my goal.

I also found out a good site to see how you'd look like at certain weights. The Virtual Model was originally designed as a way to help people shop for clothes. Stores such as Sears, H&M, Adidas and Land’s End have My Virtual Model-equipped sites where both men and women can enter information about their body type and see clothes as they will look on their body.

If you sign up and try it, you can change the virtual model’s body shape, bust size, waist definition, height, weight, age, shape of the eyes, nose, lips, and face, skin tone, hairstyle and hair color. Then when you pick a piece of clothing you can see it on your virtual model, giving you a good idea of how it will look on you. Now it can also be used for diet inspiration by letting you enter in your current weight and your goal weight and actually get two different models to show you how you look now compared to how you will look after you lose the weight.

That's exactly what I did! Here is my virtual model with my starting weight and my goal weight:

I'm proud to say that as of this day, I currently weigh 104 lbs, my clothes look better and I feel so much more healthier and happier. :-)

In the next posts, I'll share with you what I've done to finally lose weight!


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