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Lose Weight by Drinking Water!

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Perhaps you've heard about drinking 8 glasses of water a day. It not only is the best beauty treatment but it also helps in weight loss. This is one of the first few things I did when I went on a diet. I would drink a glassful of warm water before eating any meal. This really helps decrease appetite as your stomach will feel full.

The first few days of drinking more water than what you normally drink can be quite a hassle. When I did it, I was going to the restroom constantly. This can get discouraging and can interfere with your normal activities but it is normal. What happens is your body gets rid of the "excess" water that it is storing in your body. Often times people drink less than what they need to and this warns the body to go on "survival mode" and store up on water. But once your body realizes that you are drinking enough, it gets rid of its stores and thinks that there is more coming so it doesn't need to hold water anymore. It just flushes every excess water out of your body! So don't worry about drinking a lot of water and getting bloated on the process.

Wondering whether to drink warm or cold water?

A lot of experts are debating about how cold water helps in weight loss as it requires more energy to burn, but it should also be noted that warm or room temperature water is easier to digest, therefore allowing you to drink more. So I'd say drink either! It doesn't really matter as long as you're drinking enough.

If water looks boring to you, spice it up by adding lemon or pandan! If you're going to UCC, ask for their lemon water and if you want to eat lugaw in Lugawan Republic, ask for their water! It takes like pandan.

Both are free so don't hesitate to ask for more :)

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