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Shaun T. is my new best friend

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Aside from the usual workout using the weights and the machines in the gym, I also enjoyed attending group classes. I used to be a Fitness First member and there are a lot of classes you can choose from. I used to do BodyJam, Body Combat, BodyBalance, BodySteps, BodyPump, RPM, TaiChi, Yoga and Pilates. Each class usually last about an hour and you don't usually notice that the time has passed because it's fun and really engaging. You also get to meet a lot of new friends. I missed this when I decided to end my membership at around the same time I resigned from work. I really didn't want to end it, I've been going for a few years and I liked how you can go to any of their clubs scattered around the metro and in malls. The free brewed coffee, internet access, sauna and steam room are a plus. The gym is a place I go to to destress after work and thinking about not going there anymore was a thought I really hated but had to do because I need to be practical. I could't afford to pay around 2,500 a month if I don't have work.

Cardio exercises are really what helps burn fat so I have to think of ways to get my heart rate up aside from the classes I used to do. I've used up all the dance moves I know dancing in front of the mirror with the door of the bedroom locked. (Couldn't let anyone else see me doing crazy dance moves so I had to keep the door locked. Lol) and it has gotten a bit boring so I decided to go look for some exercise DVDs in the ever-famous land of DVDs -- Carriedo.

While looking at endless selections of DVDs they have available, something caught my attention. Shaun T.'s smiling face and half naked body showing off his 6-pack abs while grooving to some HipHop music seems to be calling me. I know I got to have it!

As soon as I went home, I put the DVD in the player and Im instantly hooked! I can still hear Shaun T saying tilt, tuck,and tighten your abs! His dvd set has 4 workouts that gets you grooving to the latest HipHop music while burning fat and some ab sculpting moves that really works out and target your upper and lower abs and obliques. Mine was really sore afterwards and I can see the outline of my ab muscles hiding beneath the layers of fat in my belly. Hahaha. This is really a fun workout I tell yah! Better get one, you won't regret it.

My friends and I sometimes go clubbing during Saturday nights and one of them also had a copy of this workout and so we were being crazy and using Shaun T.'s Saturday Night Fever moves on the dancefloor. It was really fun, you can really use his groovy moves on the dancefloor. :-)

Look at Ellen deGeneres doing the workout!

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