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If KC can do it, so can I :)

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You probably have seen KC Concepcion in her Metro Cover, Enervon ads, and Bayo billboards scattered around the Metro by now. Notice how trim she is now? She's actually one of my inspirations in really focusing on my goal to lose weight just in time for summer. Haha, it's my dream to pose like that in the beach. (which I did do by the way! When my friends were not looking, I asked one friend to go with me and dragged her towards the farthest end of the beach to take some shots. Lol)

How did KC do it? Through the proven and effective way of eating the right foods and working out :)

Here's an article from the Inquirer about her fab new bod:

KC, sexy, cool
By Jenni Epperson
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:56:00 03/06/2008
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MANILA, Philippines—Fans have been abuzz about KC Concepcion’s new rock-hard body that is all set for the skin-baring summer.

Gone are the last layers of baby fat, now replaced by cuts, abs and muscles that would give Cameron Diaz a run for her money.

The secret behind her fab new bod? A lot of discipline and focus.

KC says she is a disciple of the South Beach Diet, which she has adhered to for months. She’s been snacking on Florabel’s dried mushroom chips, she tanks up on green tea and even malunggay juice! KC is also a pesco-vegetarian, so even her diet is tailor-made for her.

Of course, a good diet works best with exercise, and KC has been doing regular dance workouts with Douglas Nierras. But before you think she’s gone totally cornflake bohemian on us, she does indulge once in a while on Veuve Cliquot. In fact, she popped a bottle after this shoot to share with everyone on the beach.

KC’s love affair with the Bayo label can only get hotter in the coming months. She continues to be the perfect poster girl for Bayo, reflecting its clean, classic, laid-back image yet with lots of style and substance.

“KC is such a joy to work with. We love her just as much as she loves Bayo. And as we’ve said over and over again, we feel so lucky to have her on board. We thank the heavens for such a blessing,” says Bayo owners Cor Bitong and Lyn Agustin.

Bayo’s summer collection is all about explosive colors. Look for a lot of tomato-reds, daffodil-yellows, denim-blues, lilacs, blush-pinks and wild-greens. Add to that nautical details like stripes and color blocks as an anchor element.

Other trends to watch out for are chiffon florals for cover-ups, either in long flowing beach gowns or short kaftans and tunics. Colored jeans and shorts are usually topped with Bayo’s signature graphic tees.

Summer dressing in the city, meanwhile, involves cropped colored cardigans paired with colorful jeans or long cotton dresses.

The Megastar’s daughter is the perfect summer muse to show off Bayo’s bikinis, which come in green, yellow and gray with metal ring details. KC spells sexy.

E-mail the author at jfashion@inquirer.com.ph


I'm also into South Beach, green tea, and dancing (uhmm mine's just in front of the mirror) and have yet to try the malunggay juice. I wonder how that would taste! Should I go to our backyard tomorrow, gather some leaves and dump it in the blender? Hehehe let's see..

cacofonix said...
June 14, 2008 at 2:23 AM  

way to go Ness! congrats! kala ko nga ikaw yang nasa pics eh, si KC pala...:).

whew, 104 is so good, so I'm safe buying that medium sized shirt for you then.....baka nga small pa dapat kaso the boobie must be accomodated he he he...*wink*

BaByGuRL said...
June 14, 2008 at 9:38 PM  

hahahahaha yeah make way for the boobies! lol

curlyque said...
June 15, 2008 at 7:29 PM  

grabe it's all about making time for workouts and such..syempre siguro all day nagwoworkout yun si kc. hmm...which gives me an idea to workout on my day off. heheh

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